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Early Help

Solihull is a great place to grow up. We have strong communities, excellent schools and early education, good opportunities for work and training, and much, much more. But we can do better. We want every child, young person and family to get the help that they need to succeed as early as possible. We call this early help. Early help can make the biggest difference when it is given before things go wrong, and when people get the help they need from family, friends, or within their community.

Organisations like the Council, the NHS, schools and the voluntary sector also have an important role to play, helping all children to thrive with universal services such as health visiting and education, and some children and families who need extra help to get back on track.

What is Early Help?

Early Help is the support that is delivered to any child at, Level 1 to Level 3 of Solihull’s Threshold guidance. It includes universal interventions that are offered to an entire population to prevent problems developing and targeted support to particular children and families with additional needs.

The purpose of Early Help is to support the well-being of children and families by tackling emerging needs at the earliest opportunity and prevent them from getting worse. This means working with children and families to engage and include them as equal partners and to support them to access additional services that can promote positive outcomes.

Effective Early Help may be delivered at any point in a child’s life; pre-birth onwards about any issue which is impacting or could affect their development and well-being, including education and health safety.